Entreprenuers need Capital and Courage
We've got the Capital

We are a group of entrepreneurs that understand leading your own business takes Courage and Capital.

You bring the Courage and we bring the Capital.

The current set-up of the financial system has left the most important driver of prosperity behind: the risk-takers. At Capital Now LLC we strive to allocate capital to help small and medium sized businesses meet its financial needs allowing them to drive growth.

We use proprietary technology to make sure funding happens quickly and effectively. We deliver small business loan application decisions in minutes and funding in as quickly as 1 business day. Less paperwork and less hassle means more time for you to focus on your business.

Capital Now is a fully capitalized lender, not a broker. Unlike the more traditional financial outlets, Capital Now focuses on the leadership and the vision that comes along with it.

The same high standards you uphold for your business, you should expect the same from your financial partner. Once you apply, you will receive a response within two hours. Once approved, and all the documentation needs have been met, we will fund within 24 hours. The are no fees associated with applying, nor are there any post-approval, execution and closing.